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Eid Mubarak

Dedicated especially to all Muslims and lovers of Mohammed. Also dedicated to the friends of Allah, and to all who believe in fasting and consecration.

To those who believe in the one true God, and to those who do not believe at all. Our religious beliefs and differences don’t matter much now. The most important factor today is love – love for yourself, love for me, and love for all of humanity. So decide today what you believe. Do you love? Do you have the kind of love that stays to fight against all odds?

To those who believe in beating our bodies into submission for the greater good – the legalistic ones; and to those who believe in doing whatever seems right to make us feel good – the liberal ones. Eid Mubarak is about fasting and holiness. It is about abstinence from the most decadent of pleasures and from all forms of sin. You need not believe in Ramadan to celebrate with us. Only believe in “doing the right thing”, because that is one of the most important aspects of religious fasting. Do you believe in staying true to the right beliefs?

To those who love food above all else – above all living things and sometimes even above Allah! Also to those who have no special interest in food and its matters (from preparation to photography to eating to sharing)… these just don’t care. These ones eat only because Abraham Maslow prescribes it as an essential life activity; they basically eat to live and could easily survive in a world without food. They wouldn’t be driven to trichotillomania or need SSRIs to cope with this alternate reality. Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat?

To all who have problems in this life. It might be real or virtual, true or false, necessary or unnecessary, mental or physical, or even spiritual! Once you have a problem, or have had a problem in the past, or will have a problem in the future, this is for you. Eid Mubarak celebrates prayer and self-reflection. These are the only sure methods of dealing with the curve balls that come your way. Don’t rush to make the lemons lemonade. They might have been thrown at you to have fun with… Possibly for you to play some lemon-and-spoon games with your siblings. In the fullness of time, you’ll realize it was all a game. So hold on and don’t quit just yet. Reach for the lifeline today and celebrate with me.

#AkuaPokuahWrites: EID MUBARAK! Do have a blessed feast!

May Allah hear your prayers and grant your heart desires. May Allah open the doors of happiness and prosperity for you and your family. May this beautiful occasion of eid give you a million and one reasons to be eternally joyful!

Happy Eid!

Special Mentions

  1. Munney kɛ Joe – my GA-speaking loves.
  2. PS4 and all who are praying hard to own a PS5.
  3. Afia and Felicia – the girly girls who can!
  4. Glory and Micheal – Ohemaa’s LOMLs in an alternate universe.
  5. Bernice & Patrick – phenomenal people who were born in May. Happy birthday🎂