It is a perfect day.

You are sitting on your bed making silly conversation and gossiping about your friends to your boyfriend. He dislikes gossiping and doesn’t want to encourage you, but who cares?!

You are making so much progress studying for the WASSCE you have spent an entire 3 years of your life preparing for – studying is hard but for the first time in your life, you are enjoying it.

You are back on track with your Bible Study Plan. You stopped a while ago because you felt the Bible was an extreme sport and the fictional God who held all the power was very unfair and autocratic – he always had to have his way.

You are friends again with the annoying little twats who call themselves your sisters. They scream and kick and throw tantrums over the smallest of hurts – so much so that your head hurts from all their talk. What can you even do? Blood remains thicker than water…

You are simply living the life! Making money, making friends, making connections – targeted connections who are one day going to sponsor your trip to the white house when Michelle Obama is president. You are receiving gifts from the best but most random of friends (Let’s gently ignore the fact that you blackmailed them into promising to buy the router and the headset and the external hard drive. They all love you someway somehow, and from time immemorial, girls have been blackmailing boys for stuff – Mother Eve got Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, and even Herodias got the head of John on a silver platter).

Simply put, your life is perfect!

Then someone whose 6-year training certifies them to confidently declare things like, “You have Cancer” or “You have 6 infections” or “Your vomiting of blood can only mean one thing – you have been sexually promiscuous”, actually declares these. The doctor said…

Never mind the fact that you have are a virgin who is waiting for Mrs Right – if the doctor says you have had sex, you probably have had it. Maybe the sweet dream that woke you up last weekend was it. See? I told you the doctor is always right. You were sexually promiscuous because though alone in your room, you managed to arouse 5 girls who have secret crushes on you – just with your poetry.

Never mind the fact that you have a Creator who keeps insisting that his stripes have healed you – the doctor is just being real. You had A and B, and medical science dictates that Symptom A and B especially in a Patient with a family history of Z and a personal history of X is the classic presentation of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. So that must be it! You do not actually fear for your future… It is simply the disease talking. COVID19 has left the entire world uncertain, but you are not allowed to be uncertain because you have always been a person who is sure of who they are and where they are going. NO! You do not get to have an identity crisis too! You are way above that.

Dealing with doctors and their persistent negativity about your future can get really hard. In their crisp white lab coats, they speak in tones so grave that their words shatter your soul itself. The things around their necks can probably predict the number of years you have to live… Their workplace is even depressing. Their hospitals are full of ill people who always look morose, and their administrative staff never smile – they probably smile a bit now but because of their face masks, it is impossible to read the message their lips are conveying to you.

Enough about these underpaid workers. Let’s move into another dimension of reality: factual truths.

The man crippled for 38 years walked! He was in his usual state – simply lamenting by the well. Myth or fact?

The smelly woman with the issue of blood never saw blood stain her undergarments again! She personally made the effort to heal herself – she touched the silk garment of one random public speaker. Myth or fact?

The blind man saw. I’m not sure of the scientific principles that led to Blind Bartimaeus losing his tag as “blind”. Did the mud-and-spit mixture connect some optic nerves? Or did it remove the congenital cataracts that had caused people to shun him? Did the simple mixture smeared on his face fix his optic centre? Or had his parents even been lying about his blindness altogether?! Fact or fact?

I need to go see one other professional this morning at Bantama. So let’s end here.

And now, today’s message:

BELIEVE! Believe in the power that has brought you this far. Believe in the superpower which began a good work in you because he ain’t done with you yet. Wake up today and smile! My love, shine on! Shine on because you have life. Breathe in some newness and appreciate the beauty all-round. Write a poem today. Sing a song. And be grateful to be alive because the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Have a joyfully good day!


Dedicated to all 16-year-olds who dream.

Special Mentions:

  1. Joshua Atabinore, I love you too!
  2. Munney & Nii, what would I do without you?
  3. KATH. People get healed there too!
  4. Afia Baah, my greatest stabilizing support.
  5. AGCM Korle-Bu, my heartbeat.
Lifestyle Lost.

Till Daybreak…

I felt numb. Like I was dying. All hope seemed lost. My entire world was shutting down. My whole heart was fragmenting into a million tiny pieces.

He said he would be here. He said he would sponsor me. He said he would…

He gave me countless assurances. That I should not worry. That God was in control. That he would always be here to support me. That he would forever hold me close… Hold me tight.

I believed him. With all my heart and soul. All the fibres of my inner being… I WAS NOT going to let this one go. I was going to do all I can to keep him. Resuscitation if need be… 1… 2… 3… Breathe. 1… 2… 3… BREATHE!!! But he was not breathing. I screamed, kicked, punched at walls. Yelled, wailed and cried. But he just did not wake up to re—

He just needed to assure me that it would all be okay. A re-assurance of my worth was not needed. I just needed, needed so bad to know that I had not failed. That I would not fail. That I simply CANNOT fail. Because of He who lives in me…

I was ready to go all out for it. Work hard. Pray hard. Live hard. Enjoy hard. Damn the consequences. And then GBAM!


He left me with no one. Nobody to hold. No one to cheer for me. No one to pull me up. No one to tell me I could do this medical school business. I felt angry. Then I said no, it is not true. It just can’t be. I am a medical doctor. I am an amazing, even phenomenal woman of God. Why do I, just me. Why do I personally have to go through this???? Where was Jeremiah 33.3 when i needed support? Why did it have to be this way? WHY????? AM I still a sinner? Have I committed some greatly grandiose and murderous sin that the Lord needs to punish me for? To teach me a lesson?

It cannot be. It is not. Because God said, and keeps saying that it is well with my soul. So Father Lord, I believe!!!! Just help my unbelief. In Jesus Name!

Dedicated to Kofi, and Isaac. The Lord always, always comforts.

#AkuaPokuahWrites #Tried&Tested

Also dedicated to my personal Barnabas, my personal Agabus and Paul. One unknown woman who keeps praying for me from far far away… WAYA ASKIN!! Always remember that someone somewhere is praying for you…

  • Never give up hope.