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Stranger things.

Don’t you just love meeting strangers? They are an entire world of possibilities themselves. They know you not from Eve so their very first impression of your character depends solely on you. They are blank pages waiting to be made into a history book that will be read for centuries. They are alphabets waiting to be strung up into beautiful words that pop off your screen.

Strangers bring out the best and worst in us. Do you give your last pesewa to the wretched stranger who requests for it? Or do you hold your bag tighter and mutter to yourself, “lazy bones”? Do you give the large man walking down the street a wide berth because you have been attacked before? Or do you just walk along your path with your fight-or-flight response inactivated? Do you chat for an hour with the unknown person who called you? Or do you give him a cold shoulder because “they are all MoMo scammers”?

I met a stranger today and I was blessed.

This one did not tell me everything I had ever done. He did not tell me I have had 5 boyfriends and am currently playing three at the same time. He did not heal my 23-year-old infirmity or take away my PTSD with the opposite sex. He did not even attempt to comfort my dying soul with sweet words that mean nothing. He just saw me for who I truly am. He saw me, he knew me, and he loved me.

He was compassionate and he was kind. He took his time to answer my questions. He claims ours was even better than the love-at-first-sight kind of love. He says he loved me in spirit and in truth before he even met me. He told me that all my problems didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that I felt unloved by those who should have loved me most. It didn’t matter that I could not even divorce my abusive husband myself because the Torah made no provision for that. My nonexistent rights as a woman, my basic rights as a human being, my inability to stick to rules… It all did not matter.

I met a stranger today and he changed my life.

I thought I could never be free from my personal struggles with perfectionism and OCD-level obsessions. I thought I could never be free from the societal pressures to conform and metamorphose into the regular girl-next-door. I thought I could never be free from the grips of my filthy desires; these ones that keep me up at night and soak my pillows until I have no recourse but to sleep. I thought I could never be free from school and work and religion and relationships and adulting itself.

I am at the end of my parchment. My ink is done. My quill is broken. My jar of hearts has been broken at his feet. I have no option but to shout from the rooftops: Come and see!

Come and see the man my heart longed for. Come and see the man who brought me back from the brink of death. Come and see the man who never lied to me. Come and see the man who made me believe in myself again. Come and see the stranger who became my everything.

Just come and see!

I am at the end of my parchment. My ink is done. My quill is broken. My jar of hearts has been broken at his feet. I have no option but to shout from the rooftops: #GetUsedToDifferent & Come and see!

Inspired by Dallas Jenkins and dedicated to the all those whose faith in the impossible have been strengthened by recent life events.

Special Mentions

1. Phontina, the woman who met my stranger at the well.

2. Abigail, the venerable leader of KSMD Class of 2020.

3. Eden, Himanshu, Nfomi, Ronard, Ndiilo, Ipsa and Vicky.

Lost. TheQuestionnaire

Eid Mubarak

Dedicated especially to all Muslims and lovers of Mohammed. Also dedicated to the friends of Allah, and to all who believe in fasting and consecration.

To those who believe in the one true God, and to those who do not believe at all. Our religious beliefs and differences don’t matter much now. The most important factor today is love – love for yourself, love for me, and love for all of humanity. So decide today what you believe. Do you love? Do you have the kind of love that stays to fight against all odds?

To those who believe in beating our bodies into submission for the greater good – the legalistic ones; and to those who believe in doing whatever seems right to make us feel good – the liberal ones. Eid Mubarak is about fasting and holiness. It is about abstinence from the most decadent of pleasures and from all forms of sin. You need not believe in Ramadan to celebrate with us. Only believe in “doing the right thing”, because that is one of the most important aspects of religious fasting. Do you believe in staying true to the right beliefs?

To those who love food above all else – above all living things and sometimes even above Allah! Also to those who have no special interest in food and its matters (from preparation to photography to eating to sharing)… these just don’t care. These ones eat only because Abraham Maslow prescribes it as an essential life activity; they basically eat to live and could easily survive in a world without food. They wouldn’t be driven to trichotillomania or need SSRIs to cope with this alternate reality. Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat?

To all who have problems in this life. It might be real or virtual, true or false, necessary or unnecessary, mental or physical, or even spiritual! Once you have a problem, or have had a problem in the past, or will have a problem in the future, this is for you. Eid Mubarak celebrates prayer and self-reflection. These are the only sure methods of dealing with the curve balls that come your way. Don’t rush to make the lemons lemonade. They might have been thrown at you to have fun with… Possibly for you to play some lemon-and-spoon games with your siblings. In the fullness of time, you’ll realize it was all a game. So hold on and don’t quit just yet. Reach for the lifeline today and celebrate with me.

#AkuaPokuahWrites: EID MUBARAK! Do have a blessed feast!

May Allah hear your prayers and grant your heart desires. May Allah open the doors of happiness and prosperity for you and your family. May this beautiful occasion of eid give you a million and one reasons to be eternally joyful!

Happy Eid!

Special Mentions

  1. Munney kɛ Joe – my GA-speaking loves.
  2. PS4 and all who are praying hard to own a PS5.
  3. Afia and Felicia – the girly girls who can!
  4. Glory and Micheal – Ohemaa’s LOMLs in an alternate universe.
  5. Bernice & Patrick – phenomenal people who were born in May. Happy birthday🎂
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I told someone I was a hard girl… He laughed.

He laughed because he had seen me cry over silly things. He had seen me annoy people unnecessarily and deliberately speak the honest-to-God truth just to hurt/annoy them… It was still the truth (at least from my perspective), but it was an unnecessary truth. Honesty is my number one life principle but the truth will forever hurt by its nature. In all fairness, the truth need not hurt. #AkuaPokuahWrites can handle the truth… once you patiently explain why you believe that to be the truth. So bring it on my people! Bring it on!!

#COVID19Ghana has been the best and worst 2 months of my life.

And no, this is not my usual drama. It has been outrageously productive for me… The Lockdown has given me enough time to pursue all my other interests. The interests I had to put on hold because of school and because of what “my parents would say”. Some of these interests are desires I did not even know existed in the deepest recesses of my soul. But at least I have learnt that now that they are there. They lie dormant… quietly waiting for the perfect person with the ability to charm me enough to make me walk on water with him and for him.

My worst? It has been my worst because I have been so volatile! I cry at the littlest of offences and I squeal at the most minute acts of kindness. Tell me how pretty I am and I’ll probably burst out in song for you. I keep saying this is not the real me… But maybe, just maybe, I have always been like this. It might all have been kept under wraps to please certain people or groups of people.

But no more because I GIVE UP.

I wrote a heartfelt piece for the Samira Bawumia Writing contest titled I give up. Every word was true. But I was later told that my script was not a winning script. I tried to alter it but my heart was no longer in it. One of my newest friends asked me today why I didn’t come to him for inspiration. Sugarbabe, I love you too tbh. But I need to solve my problems by myself sometimes… I need to build my website and gain so much traffic that I will need to hire experts to manage it for me. I might be rich from this. I might also gain nothing. But at least I would have accomplished what I set out to do.

I am tired of breaking promises too.

I told a friend I would help him with a report by 9pm today. I promised my 200 fans that I would write a piece relating to 10/05/2020’s Mothers’ Day Celebration. Time is up already. I have no inspiration again because idk… I really have no excuse. But I set out to be very productive and happy today. I did all the right things. I said only the good things. I spoke only when spoken to. I ate when told to eat. I even preached what I was told to preach. But here I am… When all is said and done… still unhappy. Unhappy not for myself, but unhappy for the world I live in.

I am unhappy tonight.

I will be happy again in a few hours though. But that is irrelevant. The important matter is that I am unhappy as I type. Feelings are not everything, but for COVID19, my feelings are everything! Take it or leave it. Life has always been full of choices. I might be ill. I might be normal. I might even be actually my best self… But it is all useless. All is vanity. What at all would I have gained if i gained the entire world but still lost my soul? Tell me. Will a thousand followers buy me food? Will these same followers who troll prominent people keep me warm at night? Will they even notice the fears behind my smile? And the pain underlying my acts of kindness?

My heart bleeds for you.

My heart bleeds for Ghana. And Africa. And the world. And everyone who is not living their best life during this pandemic. My life will never be the same after this… I have experienced and learnt too much that it would be utterly sinful to live as if I were my preCOVID19 self. Fellow Ghanaians, I just hope that we all learn our lessons and come out better versions of ourselves. I pray that from the ashes, we will rise! Like Fawkes the Phoenix, we will sing a eulogy so bittersweet that anyone who hears us will beat their chests and throw up their hands in despair… They will despair over the meaning of life itself. They will despair over science and religion and purpose and love and hate.

Have a goodnight my lovelies.

Just meditate before you sleep.

With bittersweet love,

Your Cheerleader.

Dedicated to all the unnecessarily kind people I know. Happy Mothers’ day to you! And to me. Because we are cherished and loved!!

Lifestyle Lost.

Till Daybreak…

I felt numb. Like I was dying. All hope seemed lost. My entire world was shutting down. My whole heart was fragmenting into a million tiny pieces.

He said he would be here. He said he would sponsor me. He said he would…

He gave me countless assurances. That I should not worry. That God was in control. That he would always be here to support me. That he would forever hold me close… Hold me tight.

I believed him. With all my heart and soul. All the fibres of my inner being… I WAS NOT going to let this one go. I was going to do all I can to keep him. Resuscitation if need be… 1… 2… 3… Breathe. 1… 2… 3… BREATHE!!! But he was not breathing. I screamed, kicked, punched at walls. Yelled, wailed and cried. But he just did not wake up to re—

He just needed to assure me that it would all be okay. A re-assurance of my worth was not needed. I just needed, needed so bad to know that I had not failed. That I would not fail. That I simply CANNOT fail. Because of He who lives in me…

I was ready to go all out for it. Work hard. Pray hard. Live hard. Enjoy hard. Damn the consequences. And then GBAM!


He left me with no one. Nobody to hold. No one to cheer for me. No one to pull me up. No one to tell me I could do this medical school business. I felt angry. Then I said no, it is not true. It just can’t be. I am a medical doctor. I am an amazing, even phenomenal woman of God. Why do I, just me. Why do I personally have to go through this???? Where was Jeremiah 33.3 when i needed support? Why did it have to be this way? WHY????? AM I still a sinner? Have I committed some greatly grandiose and murderous sin that the Lord needs to punish me for? To teach me a lesson?

It cannot be. It is not. Because God said, and keeps saying that it is well with my soul. So Father Lord, I believe!!!! Just help my unbelief. In Jesus Name!

Dedicated to Kofi, and Isaac. The Lord always, always comforts.

#AkuaPokuahWrites #Tried&Tested

Also dedicated to my personal Barnabas, my personal Agabus and Paul. One unknown woman who keeps praying for me from far far away… WAYA ASKIN!! Always remember that someone somewhere is praying for you…

  • Never give up hope.
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Women Deliver. Deliver for Good. Girl Rising.

This is about young women who live not only for themselves but for the entire world. For the entire society. For the good of the world. It is also about being a global citizen and an SDG advocate; a trusted voice in women’s matters and a regular young lady.

I need to do this. I must do this.

So #AkuaPokuahWrites is working hard on her blog to make sure that in 2020, her journey of self discovery does not fail. And she achieves everything she set out to do.

It just is what it is.