Mental Health for Idiots

Is mental health as terribly unnecessary as some great doctors and consultants out there consider it to be? Really… Is it? Are all the mad people really mad? Or are they just sinners in need of deliverance?


The answer to all these is yes.

Ask me why.

Dedicated to all the amazing people with Bipolar Affective Disorder (both 1 & 2😍😘)


Great People

Great People do not start out to be great. They just end up being.

Dedicated to Dr George Christian Hagan and Professor Angela Ofori-Atta.


The right thing.

Dedicated to Dr Atsu Latey; one of the greatest men I’ve ever met.

Every single human being on this planet has been given numerous opportunities by God to do the right thing. We however seem to have no desire to do anything right. We’d rather lament and complain about all the wrongs around us without even lifting a finger to be a part of the solution.

We just talk talk & talk with no desire for change. Then we all joke about it and that’s the end. We’re too lazy to do anything more.

Fellow Ghanaians, keep it up! Also, keep praying for change because the change you seek will come when you do the same old things everyday.



Feminism, Faith & Family.

People say all sorts of things. In fact, people keep emphasizing that these three doctrines cannot fully coexist in one life. They say that a true Bible-believing Christian CANNOT be all three; a world-class feminist, a full-time woman of God and a devoted mother..

I vehemently disagree.

I can do all three excellently without compromising on any of my core beliefs. And once I can, anyone else can. It just is what it is…

Dedicated to the ARK Foundation and the Phenomenal lady who runs it.


Optimising Your Time

Why does it seem like there is too little time to achieve all the “great things” you want to do for just you?

Why do you constantly feel under pressure to do more?

Must you do everything?

Must you help everyone?

So my question today is, why do some people do?


Agenda 2030

You have seen #Agenda2030 millions of times.

You have recognized and applauded initiatives aiming to achieve them as “good”.

But are they really good? Are they intrinsically for the betterment of humanity or the conspiracy theorists know something you don’t?



Fortunately or unfortunately, I can be quite autocratic… 😏

#Lifestyles #Christianity #Relationships


Are you happy?

Dedicated to my mum.

Troubles keep coming. Always!

Case in point: the COVID-19 Global Pandemic🤔

Persecution and persecutory delusions will always be a part of our lives. But do you really need to stay down there in that semi-happy semi-depressed state forever?

Do you really need to just do some things because someone somewhere says, “God says you should“?

Think about it.


I am a Jesus-Lover.

Above all else and before any of my other identities, I am a child of God.

I am friend of God, a sister of God and a god myself!

I come from such a long line of Jesus-lovers that it’d be hard to be anything but.

Are you a Jesus-Lover too??


Why You Act The Way You Do

Because you still forever be you… So #StayYou😘