Lifestyle Lost.

Till Daybreak…

I felt numb. Like I was dying. All hope seemed lost. My entire world was shutting down. My whole heart was fragmenting into a million tiny pieces.

He said he would be here. He said he would sponsor me. He said he would…

He gave me countless assurances. That I should not worry. That God was in control. That he would always be here to support me. That he would forever hold me close… Hold me tight.

I believed him. With all my heart and soul. All the fibres of my inner being… I WAS NOT going to let this one go. I was going to do all I can to keep him. Resuscitation if need be… 1… 2… 3… Breathe. 1… 2… 3… BREATHE!!! But he was not breathing. I screamed, kicked, punched at walls. Yelled, wailed and cried. But he just did not wake up to re—

He just needed to assure me that it would all be okay. A re-assurance of my worth was not needed. I just needed, needed so bad to know that I had not failed. That I would not fail. That I simply CANNOT fail. Because of He who lives in me…

I was ready to go all out for it. Work hard. Pray hard. Live hard. Enjoy hard. Damn the consequences. And then GBAM!


He left me with no one. Nobody to hold. No one to cheer for me. No one to pull me up. No one to tell me I could do this medical school business. I felt angry. Then I said no, it is not true. It just can’t be. I am a medical doctor. I am an amazing, even phenomenal woman of God. Why do I, just me. Why do I personally have to go through this???? Where was Jeremiah 33.3 when i needed support? Why did it have to be this way? WHY????? AM I still a sinner? Have I committed some greatly grandiose and murderous sin that the Lord needs to punish me for? To teach me a lesson?

It cannot be. It is not. Because God said, and keeps saying that it is well with my soul. So Father Lord, I believe!!!! Just help my unbelief. In Jesus Name!

Dedicated to Kofi, and Isaac. The Lord always, always comforts.

#AkuaPokuahWrites #Tried&Tested

Also dedicated to my personal Barnabas, my personal Agabus and Paul. One unknown woman who keeps praying for me from far far away… WAYA ASKIN!! Always remember that someone somewhere is praying for you…

  • Never give up hope.

To the African Child.

This may just end up turning into an African Child Blog… But that’s alright.


Hardworkers vs Lazy People.

Dedicated to Afia Baah, Class of 2022.

I am a lazy girl. But she is a hard working girl.

TBC… 🤣


I have fallen in love. Again and again and again.

There are some people I told. Others I did not. But never once did they tell me that I MUST MARRY them and have their kids. I simply told them I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I had too much ahead of me to be sidetracked.

I still speak to them. I still hear from them. They still love me. I still love them. Some, so much that it can hurt.

But I press on. Just because I know I can. And love can wait. Because it will always come along.

Other things cannot. Like time. And tide. Which wait. For NO MAN OR DARING WOMAN.

Dedicated to Caleb. One daring young man.


Middle Aged Warrior.

I told him/her I wanted to write like her/him. Her now because I hope she is a woman.

I told Him. And I told her. I told them.

Never once did they make me feel it was entirely impossible. Never once.

Agabus. Paul. Moses.

It is ALWAYS possible. Until you say it isn’t.

Perspectives. Dedicated to Ken. And Ken alone. For his thoughts on Nkrumah.


Humpty Dumpty. Nikita Grill.

Random people never tell you no. They always tell you to go for it. It is saddest when the people who should be believing in you rather doubt your abilities. It makes you doubt them yourself. And then that is when humpty dumpty starts crying.

Even before he fell, he cried. He cried so hard that his tears made him go blind and he fell. And he was never okay again.

Never allow anyone to break your spirit. Never. Just move.

Dedicated to Barnabas. And George. Two of the greatest encourages I know. Both biblical, and both unbiblical.

Once again, I ask, why does the Bible seem to have all the answers?? Joojo this is for you.


It will end in tears.

It will end in tears. I heard it multiple times. At so many places. So different times. By so many people.

Of course it has ended in tears😒 Coman catch me. It ended in tears and so?? I enjoyed it while it lasted. That’s what mattered.

Dedicated to Derrick Nyame.


Generational Thinkers

Dedicated to Alex, Hetty and Mr Gepi-Attee and of course, Ken😂

Maybe I should dedicate it to Nkrumah too… And Obama… And Ben Carson. They push push push until they get it. Just because they believe they can.

Where my Cholerics and ENTPs dey??


To all my boys who keep juggling girls…

Awaken not my love until the time is right! Ecclesiastical thoughts…

Dedicated to Derrick Oppong. The Spanish Student.



To Alex. For receiving 2 full PHD Scholarship through consistent dedication and self-motivation.

This project can entirely be delivered/achieved virtually.

It arose out of the need to get the African Child, who is perpetually “all talk and no action” geared and fired into action… Hence, the birthing of the project in the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown in Ghana (March, 2020). A dedicated team of five brilliant young leaders (all girls) are working feverishly from their various homes to see it through.

These girls are collaborating with multiple groups, writers and creative minds around the globe as encouraged by H.E. Ban Ki-Moon in the course “Global Citizenship for Sustainable Development”.

So once again, yes. It is already being done virtually so it can be achieved regardless of where the Coronavirus takes the world…