Nature vs Nurture

I fell in love. So hard and so bad. So quickly and so fast. I never thought I would. I don’t even think I ever will. But I did. And it was almost always rosy…

They say we’ll all eventually conform. That we’ll be our own truest nature. Nature over nurture anyday. I’m not so sure. I’ll choose nurture. All day, any day. And I’m not sure I’d regret it.

I fell in love. And it meant the world to me. I keep falling in love. With different things. Different people. Different policies. Different principles. Different problems.

Will I ever change? I’m not sure I ever will. But no. Nature never wins over nurture… Not so long as (😂KNUST JHS😂) Our Lord & God reigns!!!!!

By AkuaPokuahWrites

A creative writer-to-be and a global citizen.