I haven’t slept. I don’t sleep. I hardly do.

Especially when I’m excited about an adventure. Relax you’ll say… There’s more sleep after death. But really, is there?

Will we not be too busy staring into the eyes of God and admiring his dauntingly powerful self? Will we even remember that we lived, and we loved? Will we recognise the Barnabases we spent sleepless nights over?

I need to live. I need to move. I need to take action. Just to be able to sleep, breathe, move and have my being. Is it an exciting life? I wouldn’t trade it for any other… Except a perhaps more peaceful one. Peace in the most significant areas.

So sleep I will. When I’m tired of being excited. The tiredness is looming… And I don’t like it. But SLEEP? I definitely will!!!

By AkuaPokuahWrites

A creative writer-to-be and a global citizen.