Perfection is a mirage.

We keep boxing ourselves in by staying true to what is accepted and regarded as good by our society. We regard every act and every person that tramples on our delicate sensibilities as wrong, amoral and unholy. We do this so much that it becomes our second skin – the covering that protects our frail souls and gentle hearts from external forces and pressures.

We limit ourselves.

We limit ourselves everyday. Sometimes it is time or the lack thereof. Other times, it is our personal faith and ideals. Most of the time however, it is our fear of the unknown. We do not know the kind of rocks we could hit at the bottom if we jump all-in. We know life is never a straight line but what if —

What if all we knew to be true was a big lie?

What if our world was just a reality show with an grey-haired white man and his son controlling the elements that make us who we are? What if our own bodies themselves were not ours? What if our thoughts were being controlled by evil forces in outer space? What if…

Join me on my journey as I discover the meaning of life itself. That is the official reason for #AkuaPokuahWrites.

Unofficially, let’s just have fun and survive together! Let’s thrive in our environments and achieve great things because truly, we were made for more!